In order to escape from constant stresses, problems and fuss, it is necessary to let emotions out. It is advisable to do this periodically, not allowing the body to accumulate negative energy every day, which one day can spill out to the surface at the most inopportune moment.

There is a huge number of ways to discharge and restore lost strength. One of them is a paragliding flight. The ability to soar above the earth eclipses all worldly problems. During the flight, such emotions are felt that will long remain in the memory, and they will definitely want to be repeated.

After all, probably since childhood many dreamed of jumping up and flying like a bird. Paragliding will allow not realized dreams to come true, giving a long-awaited feeling of complete freedom. In addition, during the flight, breathtaking landscapes open up, which are impossible to see without rising up. All the beauty and greatness of nature can be seen in full view.

A few words about the paraglider. This ellipsoid wing on the lines, which during the flight is filled with air. Thanks to this design, it is possible to hover for a long time above the ground, remaining at the same height. Unlike a similarly designed parachute constructed for smooth and safe descent, a paraglider uses ascending air currents in such a way as not to lower the altitude for a long time, contemplating all the delights of the land nature.

It is best to fly on the equipped for the sport  paragliding grounds, which are located on proven elevations. This will reduce the likelihood of an accident. In order to go on a flight, you will need to equip, run up and, reaching the edge, take off. The flow of air will catch the wing and allow it to soar above the ground. Sometimes the speed of the paraglider reaches about 50 kilometers per hour without the use of additional fuel, so this is a relatively inexpensive form of active recreation.

It should be noted that even those people who have a strong fear of heights should try a paragliding flight. A feeling of immense satisfaction, delight from the contemplation of fantastic landscapes and a feeling of euphoria will help to forget about fear and enjoy what is happening. And another advantage is the fact that for making such trips there are practically no age restrictions.

It is also worth noting that the main advantage of flying on a paraglider - an aircraft is a guarantee of almost complete safety. In contrast again to the parachute, the paraglider's dome was initially opened, which eliminates the risk of an accident due to the fact that it did not open in the air. This circumstance allows you to make exciting turns without fear, or, conversely, for several hours soaring serenely above the ground, revealing new beauties.

To experience the excitement of the flight, you must contact our club-Paragliding Montenegro. We have experienced instructors with a huge baggage of flights and life stories will be happy to help carry out children's dreams of traveling over the ground. Upon arrival at the launch site, with a paraglider passenger, they must be given detailed instructions on the necessary implementation of certain actions at the start, behavior during the flight and landing. Then the passenger will be equipped with a suspension system and a helmet, seat belts are fastened. In principle, this is all the preparation, it remains only to run up, catch the air flow and enjoy the flight.

The paraglider is capable of reaching a height of the order of one and a half thousand meters, from where one can see the nearest surroundings. If desired, the instructor can show a couple of extreme turns, which will allow you to experience extra bright emotions. 15-20 minutes of paragliding can bring to life a lot of new impressions and charge with energy for a long time.