From all the resorts in Montenegro, tourists like to rest in Budva most of all. The city is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and on the other side it is surrounded by picturesque mountains. For travelers there is a huge choice of entertainment. You can just relax on the beach, go diving, try paragliding with Paragliding Montenegro club or go on an excursion and visit the ancient architectural structures. In the evening, you can drink a cup of tea or local wine in a restaurant or dance in a disco under the open air.

Budva has long been popular with European tourists. And most of the locals know a few phrases in English. All major hotels have English-speaking translators. They can be contacted for help if there are any problems. In addition, many European people live in Montenegro, who work here and live permanently. Recently, Europeans are increasingly buying property in this fabulous country. In general, you will not have a language barrier in Budva, and in all of Montenegro.

Budvan Riviera stretched for tens of kilometers in length, so here you can choose a beach for every taste: sandy, pebbly or with small pebbles. Adriatic is clean water, amazing panoramas of nature and very tasty food. The cleanliness of the water on the beaches is monitored by local workers. At night they clean all the coastal water, and they take out the garbage.

Montenegrin sun will give you a beautiful bronze tan. In Budva there are paid and free beaches. And those who do not like to spend much time in the sun, you can hide in the shade of trees that grow near the water. Budva is protected by mountains, so it is rarely rainy weather. The sun constantly shines, the air temperature reaches 40 degrees, but the heat does not feel, because it's a very good climate.

On the beach you can just lie down, and you can do active rest, for example, to fly on a paraglider with masters of paragliding montenegro club, to ride a banana or a water motorcycle. You can also go on a sea excursion on a pleasure boat. All these entertainments are not very expensive. Budva itself and Montenegro are generally considered to be the lungs of Europe, because in this country there are no industries that pollute the air. In Montenegro, the air intoxicates with its purity, they want to breathe and breathe.

European tourists love Budva for her incredible beauty. Picturesque mountains, the purest turquoise sea and beautiful beaches - all this you will see here. No wonder Montenegro is called the pearl of the Adriatic. In Budva you can stay at the villa, which is a great variety. This wonderful city was built about 2 thousand years ago. And this is one of the first settlements in the Balkans. The architecture of the city was strongly influenced by Rome and Greece. After the fall of Rome, the eastern and western countries also influenced the style of architecture. The Venetian Republic in the Middle Ages captured Budva, and this also affected the architecture of the city. If you want see the ancient Budva, be sure to visit the Old Town. These stone-paved narrow streets, small squares, two-story houses and churches will forever be remembered for you.

Today, modern Budva is not only a world famous resort, but also the cultural capital of Montenegro. Various festivals are often held here, singers and music collectives of world importance come. The main international event that takes place annually in Budva is a theater festival. At this time in the streets and squares of the city are theatrical performances. Festival of Mediterranean music art and other interesting events that give an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the country are held annually.

Budva is the majority of discos, sports grounds, tennis courts and other leisure facilities. This resort is different from other cities in Montenegro. Tourists will fall in love with this country. Many travelers who have visited here say that they feel at home in Budva.