Montenegro is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Extremely picturesque nature, diverse landscape and the azure sea - all this opens up a lot of opportunities for sports entertainment. We offer you the top 10 options for activities that should be adopted before a trip to Montenegro.

1. Paragliding

If you have never flown a paraglider, then the Montenegrin open spaces are great for unforgettable adventures! The best place for paragliding is the Budva Riviera, where all the main natural attractions and the largest resorts of the country are concentrated. Paragliding is considered extreme entertainment, but kids are allowed to take part. Flights of beginners are carried out exclusively with an instructor. The cost depends on the place and duration of the flight.

2. Canyoning

One of the most common types of outdoor activities is a trek through the magnificent canyon of Nevidio (Durmitor massif). A tourist group, equipped with special equipment, walks on foot over a route of more than three kilometers through a rocky area without the use of swimming equipment. This extreme sports entertainment was invented especially for fans of real adventures and requires good physical preparation. The price usually includes transfer services, a guide, equipment rental, meals.

3. Kitesurfing

Riding with waves with a kite is a water sport that, despite all the difficulties, is able to captivate even beginners. You can rent equipment and learn the basics of kitesurfing in special schools, most of which are located in the area called Velika Plazha near the city of Ulcinj.

4. Sailing

Sailing on the Adriatic Sea is an experience that you just need to experience during a vacation in Montenegro. From the sea there is a breathtaking panoramic view, inaccessible on land. The best place for sailing is the Bay of Kotor and the bay, protected from waves. A leisurely but very impressive form of leisure is also suitable for families with children.

5. Diving

The waters of the Adriatic keep many secrets in themselves, which you can touch with the help of diving equipment. The remains of sea vessels of different eras and fascinating underwater landscapes with curious sea inhabitants - all this appears when plunging to the seabed. Even beginners have the opportunity to undergo training and, under the supervision of an instructor, make their first dive.

6. Rafting

Rafting along a mountain river with many obstacles is one of the most popular attractions in Montenegro. The greatest attention of rafters is attracted by the Tara River with amazing malachite-colored water flowing through a mountain gorge in the Durmitor nature reserve. Alloying with overcoming many thresholds is considered quite complicated and requires participants to experience.

7. Mountain biking

Active holidays in Montenegro will be incomplete without mountain biking. You can ride in the breeze, renting mountain bikes in the national parks of Durmitor, Sutjeska, in Kotor, on the Vrmac peninsula. Some routes in terms of difficulty are quite suitable for leisurely family bike rides.

8. Climbing

Rock climbing is an entertainment for thrill-seekers and the Montenegro mountains are the best suited for this activity. The Durmitor, Prokletiye, Kuchke mountain massifs are the most suitable rocks for climbing. On site you can rent the necessary equipment, as well as hire accompanying people.

9. Hiking and trekking

The diverse nature of Montenegrin is ideal for long walks. Each season many organized hiking trips take place where you can go with your children. The routes are designed to see as many breathtaking landscapes as possible.

10. Camping

Overnight in a tent or in a motor home far from civilization is an adventure that will be remembered for a long time and will bring a lot of positive emotions. Such a holiday is especially to the liking of children and adolescents. Among the best campsites in Montenegro - on the Velika Plazha near Ulcinj, near the town of Herceg Novi, on the beach of Buljarica.