Montenegro is a stunningly beautiful country with amazing beaches, colorful bays and amazing nature. It is located on the Adriatic coast. Montenegro is recognized as an environmental reserve, therefore, it is obvious that its ecology is at the highest level among the countries of the Old World.

The magical mountains of this country are covered with woodlands, so sometimes they appear black, and the air here is pristine pure with the scent of pine. Countless rivers, flowing down from the mountains, lakes and the sea are striking with their clear waters.

The cuisine of Montenegro is a mixture of various culinary customs, reflected in the local dishes. Food is prepared from natural high-quality products. The cultural treasury of the state is rich in various historical monuments, museums, art creations, which, of course, attracts a lot of tourists. The inhabitants of Montenegro are very peaceful, hospitable, open and friendly. These people are happy to welcome all their guests. In order to visit Montenegro you won't be required a visa, which is another advantage for recreation in this state. We must agree that it is not in vain that Montenegro is called the "pearl of the Adriatic".

Seaside beaches and famous resorts

Many beaches for every taste are in this country. There are sandy, pebble, mixed and rocky beaches. According to experts, in Montenegro, 117 various beaches, picturesquely and snugly located throughout the seacoast. Montenegro hotels are located here. If you want, you can choose from any hotel room you like, as the apartments are rented everywhere, and there are no problems with housing. The most famous resorts in Montenegro are Kotor, Budva, Sveti Stefan, Ulcinj, Petrovac, Herceg Novi, Sutomore, Bar.

The waters in Montenegro are really amazingly clear - the transparency reaches 36 meters, and sometimes up to 58 meters! The sea here is calm, there are small waves, and the water temperature is most optimal for the human body. The best time for comfortable bathing and rest is the period from the end of May to the middle of September.

Places of interest

It will be a mistake to go to Montenegro for resting only on the beach.The culture of Montenegro keeps rare historical monuments, ancient city-museums, castles from the Middle Ages, monasteries.

Cetinsky monastery stores the greatest Christian relic, miraculously preserved exhibit of history - imperishable hand of the prophet John the Baptist.

Until now, the people of Montenegro cherish the memory of Peter Negosh. He was not only a famous ruler and a vivid politician, but also a gifted poet, thinker and metropolitan. Therefore, in Montenegro they honor him. Among the mountains there is a unique national park Lovcen. There is the royal burial vault of Peter Negosh.

A monastery called Ostrog is amazing with its rarity. It is carved in a vertical rock and is known for its wonders, which is why the monastery attracts countless religious admirers from all over the world. Pilgrims go to him barefoot to get rid of sin, bow to the holy relics of Vasily Ostrozhsky, ask him for recovery. Vasily Ostrozhsky was the abbot of this monastery, consoled the suffering and helped the believers, preached, supported the sick and the poor. After his death, from the rock where the grave is located, the vine grew, showing a miracle of its own appearance, since at a similar height the vine can not grow. The miraculous remains of Vasily Ostrozhsky brought to the world a lot of amazing legends, they are stunning with the facts of recovery of the suffering.

Tourists are fascinated by the many magical corners of the local nature. Be sure to visit the colorful unique canyon Durmitor or the beautiful Skadar Lake. For travelers who prefer active recreation, there are excellent ski trails resort Zabljaka, an unforgettable rafting through the fabulously beautiful gorge of the Taro River. It is also possible to experience paragliding flight in the mountains both on the coast and on the mainland. Paragliding Montenegro club works the whole year.

And, of course, being in Montenegro, you must definitely taste the dishes of local cuisine. This is a variety of meat dishes, especially the famous dried ham "prshyut", a variety of fish dishes, the famous Neoshash cheese, mountain aromatic honey, delicious olive oil and a wide variety of wines.

There is a belief: in order to return to this fabulous state, when leaving, it is necessary to throw a coin into the clean waters of Montenegro.