If you are a fan of outdoor activities and crave new experiences, then rafting in Montenegro is an entertainment especially for such cases.

Montenegro is a unique European country where majestic mountains, azure sea expanses and dense forests with diverse flora and fauna harmoniously coexist in a small territory. Among tourists, fast mountain rivers with clear water flowing in mountain canyons are especially loved. And if you have never before made a rafting down the river, then the nature of Montenegro has the power to make dreams come true.

What is rafting

The concept of "rafting" came from the word "raft". Rafting is descent in a small inflatable boat. Depending on the chosen route, the alloy can be of different complexity. Some routes are extremely extreme and are primarily aimed at conquering the water element of mountain rivers. In other cases rafting becomes a measured walk, the entrance of which participants enjoy the pristine mountain scenery, breathe the crystal clear air, receiving true aesthetic pleasure.

Rafts are considered the safest type of boat. They have an oval shape with a raised nose and stern. Comfortable inflatable seats are provided for participants in the descent. The rafter team is necessarily led by an experienced instructor who manages the descent and the participants follow his instructions, including following the correct rowing. For safety reasons each participant in the rafting must wear protective equipment: a helmet, life jacket, comfortable clothes and shoes.

The most popular rafting spots in Montenegro

The best choice for rafting, of course, is the Tara River, which stretches 144 kilometers through Montenegro to neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. On the territory of Montenegro, the most picturesque stretch of the river is in the Durmitor National Park. And between Brstanovitsa and Bastasi, get ready for sharp turns and numerous river rapids that will swirl you as if on an American attraction.

For beginner rafters, adolescents, children and the elderly, the most favorable time for rafting on the Tara will be the end of July - the beginning of August. During this period, the river level is not so high and the waters are not so stormy. For thrill-seekers with relevant experience in rafting any other period is suitable when even a few hours of swimming will bring a sea of emotions and adrenaline.

In addition to Tara, rafting is also organized along other, no less beautiful rivers of Montenegro, among them - Piva, Moraca, Lim.

Rafting Programs in Montenegro

There is a classification of river rapids difficulty levels, consisting of six categories. And for beginners it is recommended to choose safe types of descents, not higher than the third level. The Tara River Rapids have a second category of difficulty that is why even children from seven years of age and older people are allowed to participate in rafting.

The journey usually begins at Lake Piva, from where the group leaves for the place where the rafting will start - on the Montenegrin-Bosnian border. The rafting itself lasts an average of 2-3 hours with breaks for swimming and photographing landscapes. At the end of the adventure dinner is usually provided at one of the authentic local establishments.

We suggest that you plan your leisure time in Montenegro in advance and reserve your descent along the river now. You can check the cost of rafting with our manager.

Diversify your vacation with rafting and get an unforgettable experience of the magical views of Montenegro!