Montenegro is a country of clean beaches, crystal waters and beautiful nature. The mild climate attracts a huge number of tourists who want to enjoy the local beauty and plunge into the world of utopia.

To make the rest successful, and the voucher gives a lot of unforgettable emotions, it is strongly recommended to plan ahead for an active pastime and first of all try what you have never tried, but always dreamed of!

Montenegro is so rich in sights that sunbathing only on caramel beaches will be a real crime! To dilute the days with bright emotions, tourists are offered a variety of active sports, among which paragliding montenegro is the most popular.

The best option for outdoor activities in Montenegro

Montenegro is known not only for its breathtaking nature, but also for all the conditions for paragliding. This sport is quite young, but quickly found an army of fans. Paragliding is easy to learn. If you are a beginner, then using the services of an instructor, you can immediately begin to contemplate the local beauty from a bird's eye view. To plunge into the celestial space, it is enough to find a suitable starting point (it usually a mountain), to accelerate well and - go ahead, towards the adventures! After landing, the paraglider can be quickly packed back into a backpack and continue the journey by land.

What is paragliding? This is a paragliding flight, which is also called a planning parachute. The paraglider is a motorized manned aircraft, almost weightless, controlled by special lines.
A feature of the paraglider is its ultra-light weight, which ranges from 5 to 8 kg. The aircraft can be easily folded into a backpack and go on sightseeing. To control a paraglider, you do not need to have special skills, physical training and special knowledge. Enough to stock up on desire and a few hours to discover Montenegro for itself in all its beauty.

In the arms of the sky

What gives paragliding? Unforgettable emotions, a powerful portion of adrenaline, a sea of ​​impressions and the opportunity to see Montenegro as you never dreamed to see it! The azure sea, the fabulous beauty of the bay, immersed in the embrace of exotic vegetation, plains and mountains, lakes and canyons - all this can be seen in your palm! Picturesque paintings created by the hands of nature are best seen precisely from above, from the sky. Now bright moments of life are available for everyone!

Popular flight locations

Montenegro has several sports clubs that organize paragliding. For beginners such an extreme sport is recommended to start with an experienced instructor. The fee for one flight is symbolic (about 40-60 euros), and in return - a dozen impressions and a generous portion of emotions!

Top planning locations:

  • Budva
  • Petrovac
  • Kotor
  • Herceg Novi
  • Bar
  • Niksic
  • Bijelo Polje
  • Berane
  • Mojkovac
  • National Park Durmitor.

Special attention should be paid to Budva Riviera. This is one of the most popular and beautiful places in Montenegro. The flight begins from the mountain Braichi, having made a flight with which, a picture of an unearthly beauty opens up to our eyes, woven from lush greenery, rocks and azure waves. But the main feature of the place lies in the pronounced thermal potential, which makes it possible to make many hours of flights for several tens of kilometers!

Happiness is breathtaking

Still in doubt? Stop thinking, it's time to make decisions! Flying on a paraglider will fill your life with a powerful charge of endorphins and ignite the love of life, not a boring office, but bright and diverse. After all, paragliding offers to enjoy all the resorts, parks and cities from a perspective from which it will not be shown even in movies!

Become the director of your vacation and make a flight scenario, the impressions of which will warm for many years! Life is beautiful and full of colors, so taste it to the full! Pleasant flight!