Canyoning - the descent (ascent) of a canyon of a mountain river or waterfall without floating equipment. Usually using climbing equipment. This is a rather extreme kind of activity that requires good physical training and coordination, knowledge of the basics of climbing and mountaineering.

In most cases, additional equipment is needed for canyoning:

  • neoprene suit and footwear;
  • protective helmet;
  • life vest;
  • safety system.

You should also grab 10 m of rope and special mittens to protect your hands from damage. If you are not going to descend with a rappelling, overcome not too steep cliffs, a dry canyon or in the headwaters, where the water depth is insignificant, you can do without most of the above. But wearing a helmet is a must.

This type of tourism is extremely exciting, it requires constant concentration of attention and gives noticeable physical load on all muscle groups. After all, one has to climb a significant height difference, wet stones, waist-deep or chest in water, and even overcoming its pressure. At the same time, going down is even more difficult than going up.

Canyoning requires strict adherence to safety rules. Especially if you are new to this type of activity. Before jumping, be sure to check the depth and the presence of stones or branches under the surface of the water. It is important to control your own well-being and thermoregulation, since part of the body is almost always in the water. And the water in the mountain river is always cold.

In a waterproof backpack or bag, there must be dry replacement clothing, socks and shoes. Money, phone and other fragile gadgets and electronic devices should be placed in hydroboxing and hidden deep in a backpack. You can do canyoning in a group, at least two of you, constantly supporting each other. Given the high risk of injury, you need to have a first aid kit and elastic bandages.

In Montenegro there are several scenic spots for good canyoning both on the coast and on the mainland. Among them:

  • Kotor;
  • Рetrovaс;
  • Bar;
  • Nevidovo;
  • Tara.

One of the most popular options is Nevidio Canyon, which is 4 hours from the coast. Its discovery in the world of water sports took place only in 1965. The nearest town is Kolasin. At 100 meters from the entrance to the canyon is the famous waterfall Grabovine. Here you can fully enjoy all the features and benefits of canyoning. Narrow passages, seething water element and breathtaking landscapes will not leave anyone indifferent. In general, a walk around Nevidio takes about 6 hours with breaks.

Due to the average duration and the support of a professional instructor canyoning in Montenegro is available for children. Accompanied by a guide, excursion passes through the most interesting places that amaze with their views and landscapes are carried out. The main rule is high security. Walks of varying difficulty are only in full special equipment. You will certainly enjoy a pleasant price for such a vacation. It is impossible not to plunge into such an exciting adventure, staying in this colorful country!