Montenegro holidays - Relaxation and activity!

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Montenegro - a long-suffering country through which a lot of Warrior have been since Europe times. Notwithstanding anything its primordial nature and architectural monuments preserved in the country. This is what attracts tourists from all continents in this small country, which is almost in the heart of Europe. Many after the first travel here people are ready to go back again, because in the first trip they always didn't see all beauty edge.

Montenegro is a stunningly beautiful country with amazing beaches, colorful bays and amazing nature. It is located on the Adriatic coast. Montenegro is recognized as an environmental reserve, therefore, it is obvious that its ecology is at the highest level among the countries of the Old World.

Montenegro attracts a large number of various tourists. Once having visited this amazingly beautiful country, having seen huge mountains covered with coniferous trees, down to the cozy towns located on the pristine Adriatic coast, having tasted delicious dishes made from freshly caught fish and seafood, they will want to come back again and again.

From all the resorts in Montenegro, tourists like to rest in Budva most of all. The city is located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, and on the other side it is surrounded by picturesque mountains. For travelers there is a huge choice of entertainment. You can just relax on the beach, go diving, try paragliding with Paragliding Montenegro club or go on an excursion and visit the ancient architectural structures. In the evening, you can drink a cup of tea or local wine in a restaurant or dance in a disco under the open air.

Montenegro is an ideal place for outdoor activities. Extremely picturesque nature, diverse landscape and the azure sea - all this opens up a lot of opportunities for sports entertainment. We offer you the top 10 options for activities that should be adopted before a trip to Montenegro.

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