Becici is deservedly considered a bright pearl of the Budva Riviera and one of the most beautiful resorts in Montenegro. A small village territorially belonging to the municipality of Budva has long been a favorite place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

The main attraction of the resort is a large beach of small pebbles officially recognized as the best in Europe in 1935. On the background of the sky-blue horizon, the bright azure water of the Adriatic Sea, the mountain slopes and massifs stretching for many kilometers, it looks extraordinarily beautiful.

The walking alley not far from the beach imperceptibly passes into the embankment of the city of Budva stretching along the entire coast of the resort area. There are benches with a view of the seascapes, a large number of cozy cafes and restaurants with live music, shops with original souvenirs. This is the most lively place of the Budva Riviera: with flower beds decorated with bright flowers and exotic palm trees, yachts and an attractive park.

Near the Becici beach on the dais is the church of the Apostle Thomas. It is surrounded by powerful pines harboring it from "alien" eyes. The church accepts believers today, in order to visit it you need to have an appropriate appearance.

Becici has a developed infrastructure for receiving tourists. It has everything for a variety of leisure and recreation: cozy bars, cafes, shops, all kinds of entertainment for guests.

Those interested can take a trip to Albania or visit other interesting places in Montenegro. But most of all tourists are attracted by the possibility of paragliding along with an instructor - breathtaking air travel, giving an unforgettable experience. It is the most popular type of active leisure among the guests of the village.

 Paragliding in Becici - give yourself an incredible pleasure!

The opportunity to feel like a bird and see the magnificent panorama of the Budva Riviera from above, floating in the air flow over the mountain ranges and the azure smooth surface of the sea, is available to every guest of the Becici village. This is an unforgettable feeling that you will remember with nostalgia and delight after many years.

Paragliding does not require any special training. Anyone can go on such an air travel with an instructor. It is allowed even for children of the age group of 3 years and above.

Paragliding with an experienced instructor is absolutely safe, very interesting and very convenient. Any tourist who embarks on such an air travel will get tremendous impressions, a powerful adrenaline rush and an incredible range of positive emotions.

The flight begins with one of the most picturesque places of the Budva Riviera - the majestic Braichi mountain located 15 minutes from Becici. It rises above the sea at 760 meters. From the top of this mountain a magnificent panorama opens. Becici, Budva, Rafailovichi and other villages in the resort area are visible from a great height in full view. For several tens of minutes you will soar in the air over the endless sea, coastal strip, majestic mountains and incredibly beautiful natural landscapes until you land in the beach area in ​​Becici.

Give yourself an unusual air voyage! Paragliding is an opportunity to become a member of a fascinating adventure! You can diversify measured life with bright and strong emotions, a stunning journey with adrenaline overwhelming the body and an indescribable feeling of aerial flight over the impressive picturesque panorama of the Budva Riviera.


Paragliding in Becici - 65 euro.

The price includes transfer from Budva.

Video with you on the SD card - 10 euros.

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