This is the best air tour in the beautiful, very pleasant place. This excursion is performed far from the city fuss and endless construction sites.In place where natural beauty of incredible coastal landscape is combined with magnificent air terms and conditions suitable for comfort and safety route on paraglider. Even if you have ever tried paragliding flight on in some place, flight in Petrovac will impress by the new! Air excursion in Petrovac will give the opportunity to experience the incredible flying on a new, learn more about the paragliding flight from the experienced instructor and will give a lot of new experiences, as well as will charge positive emotions for a long time. The whole event takes about an hour.

Donution price - 85 euro.


Air tour begins on the Buljarica Beach where you will meet the instructor. Then, together will go to top of Mountain, calls Suterman. There, with the height of about seven hundred meters above sea level,there are outstuding views of the whole wide Bay- Buljarica, Lucuca and Petrovac. Further short walking route on the top of mountains among aroma flora and singing birds, leads to the place of the start. After preparations and instructions on the necessary actions at the start, in-flight and during landing, you will take off on paraglider running by instructor. Flight on average lasts up to 20 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. Climb in thermal flows to 1200 meters above sea level. Flight runs along the route from Mountain Suterman to Petrovac through steep Coast, over the sea to a pair of the picturesque Islands Kstach and St.Week, on the Buljarica Bay. Landing takes place on the landing site near the Beach.

How to dress

Main that you must have doesn't matter of the season is a strong pair of shoes like sneakers. In the summer shorts and shirt will be enough. Temperature difference at this time on the Beach and in the air is 3-7 degrees. In the spring and autumn you will need pants and windbreaker in addition. In the winter temperature difference can make a 5-10 degrees, and you will need jacket.

Photos and videos

During the flight you feel free, comfortable and have the opportunity to use the action-camera, we can provide you with it. Place your lens in its side and smoothly turn the camera in different sides, in order to turned out as much as possible good shots of your flight. Vudeos of your flight will be stored on our server to the moment when you will be able to download the link. The same way you can use any personal photo video equipment.

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Becici is deservedly considered a bright pearl of the Budva Riviera and one of the most beautiful resorts in Montenegro. A small village territorially belonging to the municipality of Budva has long been a favorite place of pilgrimage for tourists from around the world.

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