It is incredibly difficult to find an original gift today among goods and services on over-saturated market . However, each of us periodically faces issue - what to present? The more friends and relatives man has, the more often similar problem araises. One of the trends actively gaining popularity among the range of people fond active rest is paragliding flight as a gift. Uniqueness of proposals is that there is almost no age restrictions. While this sport still not widely known in the masses, so the effect of novelty is guaranteed 99%.

Impression that you can not forget

Impressions from real flight on big height are so unique that compare them with anything or try to simulate in the virtual reality is impossible. Person, who at least once raised in the sky, touched to the clouds, flew on the wings of rapid wind, would never forget these exciting minutes. Frequent cases when customers again and again return in paragliding club to get the next charge of positive emotions.

Flight in a gift obtained one day remains in memory for life!

Safety during the air tour

In order to avoid any problems during the extreme stay in the air, beginners accompanied by an experienced instructor. This guarantee that the wing will land in the right place, nothing happens with you. Suspended elements of paraglider are absolutely reliable and each item passes multiple testing at the factory. All stages, including training, take off and landing many times were practiced by professionals with great experience, and errors here are completely eliminated. Flight is carried out at the height of 1000 meters and continues 20-25 minutes. Professionals recommend to put on a dense sports clothing with long-sleeved not limiting your movements.

Shooting flight at camera

Every minute from the take-off till landing is fixed at high resolution camera. As a result, at the end of travel you will get fine quality video of which subsequently, you can make a full movie. Sharing this video with your friends or publishing it in the social network will become you a real hero. Organizers can create a special program, as part of which you are not only will be able to enjoy the natural landscapes, but also have the opportunity to make a dizzying maneuvers, received an impressive portion of adrenaline.

Gift suitable for everyone

Paragliding flights are performed in a clear weather day at any time of year. This makes them universal gift suitable for any holidays. Participation is not needed a special physical training. All healthy people can afford to the entertainment. One of the most sought-after service is a romantic paragliding flight of two beloved persons together. What can be better than to meet sunset on bird's flight at the same time. Incredible air adventure can be a great addition to wedding leaving in memory for many years.

Gift certificate

Additional convenience in the organization of flight is an opportunity to purchase gift certificate, which is not tied to a specific date and can be used any day. Culprit celebration will be able to take advantage of use certificate when it will be conveniently.

Make a pleasant surprise to your family and friends today, take a gift certificate on affordable price!

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